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2007-12-17 02:19 am

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Artist: My friend Susan.
Title: Untitled
Characters: Harry, Ron, Random Death Eater and Snape
Rating: G
Media used: Computer tablet and photoshop.
Challenge: Nope
Concrit?: Sure!
Warnings: Poor Japanese, pathetic attempts at humor, large image...
Notes/comments: Please excuse the poor Japanese as this is for a class project. It’s meant to only include what we’ve been taught thus far (which isn’t much) and we’ve added things the teacher hasn’t even touched upon. The translations will be provided at the bottom of the image, but we’re mostly just posting this to share the art.

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2007-05-09 08:26 pm

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Recently I've been in the mood to read book that are truely Britsh (You know, they use the word "Sweets" instead of "Candy" or "the loo" instead of "the washroom"...Britishisms, if you will.)

Is there anyone out there who can reccommend me some British authors? (or hell, they can be from anywhere really as long as they can pull of the British thing lol)
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2006-12-26 07:28 pm

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You can't handle the WonWon!

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:

And a few more because I'm bored )
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2006-12-25 12:06 am

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I've been far too busy recently and I apologize for not keeping up with LJ. I plan to write an update once the holiday rush has calmed down...

but for now I just wanted to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone!!